Friday 13 May 2016

Rocky Road

We had been invited to have lunch with some old friends, so I decided to make a sweet treat to take.  After a special trip to buy chocolate (much as I am a chocolate lover, I did not have 300g of dark chocolate in the cupboard), I set about making Rocky Road bars from Nigella Express.

I made them on Wednesday evening, as lunch was yesterday.  In the morning, I cut them into pieces and dusted them with icing sugar before carefully packaging them in lots of foil.

There was only one problem - I forgot to take them with me when we set off for lunch!  By the time I realised, we were a long way from home, so we ended up making an impromtu stop at a bakery to buy something instead.

Lunch was enjoyable and it was lovely to catch up with friends whom we have not seen for a long time.  The only dilemma was what to do with all those chocolate treats once we returned home.  Fortunately, I discovered that they can go in the freezer, so after a lot of self-control (well, a couple of small treats), most of them made it to the freezer.


  1. The rocky road looks very tasty, what a shame you forgot to take the treat with you and thank goodness it can be frozen. Have a lovely weekend:)

  2. Rosie - yes, it was a disappointment forgetting to take this treat with us when we went out. Still, at least there is a little treat in the freezer for another time... Marie x