Saturday 30 April 2016

Fabric Finds

This morning, we supported the flea market at a church close to where we used to live.  As we moved away five years ago, it was our first opportunity to visit.  This flea market supports local charities and was being held for the 52nd year.  Needless to say, with such a long history, it gets an incredible amount of community support and the church hall complex is very busy.

I went with one goal in mind and that was to look for fabric and/or yarn.  I know from past experience that they sometimes have good fabric off-cuts and knowing the layout of this market certainly helped in finding the bargains.  Although I didn't find any yarn, I did manage to track down some fabric. 

 The first piece is a blue cotton chambray which cost $8.00.  When I got home and measured it, I discovered almost five metres of fabric!  I thought that there might be enough for a dress and I am certainly not disappointed!  I've been thinking about making a blue chambray dress for a while - now all that I need is a pattern.

The multi-colour print is an upholstery fabric in shades of blue and beige.  Again, I thought that there might be enough to make a cushion cover, but found that there is probably enough for two.  This is a Jay Yang screen printed design called Woodco and the fabric is even protected with Scotchgard This piece cost $5.00.

The third piece is a cotton printed fabric, which measured three and a half metres ~ all this for $2.00.  This fabric is only 90cm wide, so I'm not sure what I intend to do with it at present.  

The last piece that I purchased is this red and white gingham for $3.00.  I thought that I would use this for something Christmas-related later in the year.

All in all, a good morning's bargain hunting and some additions to my stash, which I hope to put to use soon.  I set myself a budget of $20.00 and I had $2.00 to spare.  Now maybe I should put that towards next week's sale.  

Oh, did I forget to mention that the neighbouring church has their annual spring sale next Saturday?


  1. You found some lovely fabrics at the flea market, such good value and for a good cause too. You will enjoy deciding what to make with it all:)

  2. Such great bargains and a LOT of fabric to create with! I like the soft colors! It will be fun to see the dress you make, and other pretties. It is nice to able to go to such local events and support the community. :) Happy Sewing ((HUGS))

  3. Rosie - I am very happy with my fabric bargains and like to support local charities in the process. It is fun finding such treasures and then planning how to put them to good use. The danger is that they make it into my stash and don't get used...must try to avoid this...

    Marie x

  4. Tracy - like you, I enjoy sewing, though i suspect that you sew on a more regular basis. Whilst I enjoy the process, I haven't always had the time, which is the reason why I haven't made a garment from scratch in such a very long time. My difficulty now is deciding on the right size for the pattern - I just hope that I can get the fit right. Back to the planning...

    Marie x