Friday 27 December 2013

Ice and Snow

Boxing Day dawned crisp and clear, with blue sky and sunshine.  What a change from the awful freezing rain leading up to Christmas!

Having admired the scene from our windows, we then had to get bundled up and go and dig out my car, which had been buried in about 15 cm of ice.  Previous attempts at extracting it had proved fruitless.

Our back deck has so much snow on it now that we are unable to open the door.  The timer for our Christmas lights is buried out there and the lights stopped working yesterday. 
We did succeed in extracting my car, but had to tow it out of its parking space.  There was so much ice beneath it that it could not pull itself out, as it had compacted into a sort of ice ramp. 
Once extracted, we decided to go for a drive....more in the next post.

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