Saturday 28 December 2013

Festive Table

This year's Christmas table had a traditional red and white theme, with the addition of these lovely winter berry tablemats.

My original choice of flowers included red roses and white carnations, but there appeared to be a shortage, so I chose this green and red theme instead.

The table set and ready for Christmas lunch (I forgot to light the candles before taking this photograph).

I do like having a pretty seasonal tableware set for the occasion.  It makes a nice change from our everyday tableware.  Christmas lunch was traditional and delicious ~ roast turkey, Brussels sprouts and neeps, followed by Christmas pudding and custard.

1 comment:

  1. VERY PRETTY, Marie! I don't have Christmas plate/china, nor space to keep them really... so it's fun to admire everyone's festive tablescapes. :o) Glad you had a lovely Christmastime. ((HUGS))