Friday 27 December 2013

Bear Paws

By the time we actually set off for our drive, the weather was changing and the clouds rolling in.  It was still good to get outdoors and have a change of scene.  We had thought of going for a walk on the beach (that is the shore in the distance), but the road that we normally use to access it had not been ploughed.  In any case, it was much colder than it at first appeared, especially close to the shore.

We drove along one of the quiet country side roads.  It was deserted, although there was evidence of activity in the past few hours with tracks in the snow.

We stopped to take a closer look and spotted tracks going into the woods ~ a bear!

No other animal could have left such large paw prints.

This is one of my favourite scenes of the day.  A driveway arched by snow covered trees. 

Our adventure was completed with the sight of a fox and two deer, though they moved too quickly for photo opportunities, as we saw them when we were driving. 
Thankfully, we didn't encounter the bear!

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