Friday 21 June 2013

Scaling New Heights

The journey began with a long flight to Calgary.  I was attending a conference for work, but we had planned to add some extra days afterwards for sightseeing. 

At the end of the conference, we squeezed in a visit to the Calgary Tower, which stands at a height of 191 Metres.  This offers a whole new perspective of the city, including a view down the tower to the ground!
After visiting the CN Tower in Toronto, the act of stepping out onto the glass floor was far less intimidating (the CN Tower is 553 Metres in height and the ground looks much further away!!)

The views from the deck are impressive, though the afternoon was a little cloudy for any long-distance panorama.

The Rocky Mountains are just visible in the distance.

This is the Saddledome Arena.

This is The Bow, the latest addition to the city's skyline and the tallest office building in Canada, outside Toronto.

The city follows a grid system of roads and city blocks.

Yes, I am standing on the glass floor!  Feeling relaxed at the end of the conference and looking forward to our days of sightseeing during our Rocky Mountain adventure.

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  1. GREAT to see you Marie--and LOVE your blue coat, btw!! Fun to see something of Calgary. But I don't think I could have braved the Calgary Tower...LOL! Hope you are feeling refreshed with some adveture. :o) Happy Summer Days ((LOVE & HUGS))