Saturday 22 June 2013


The garden has grown in our absence and we returned from Alberta to discover that the clematis had flowered abundantly.  We planted two clematis in the front garden last year and they seem to have settled in well. 
We got back just in time for the start of Summer and also because Canmore, where we had been only a day earlier, has been devastated by severe flooding and a State of Emergency declared.  You can see pictures here.

Campanula is a new addition to the garden this year.

I don't know the name of this yellow plant, which grew from a tiny stem which I picked close to the shore. 
This plant was already in the garden and I don't know what it is either, but the foliage is an attractive colour in contrast to the small white flowers.

Chives always do well in the garden and spread everywhere!  I like to leave them along the edges, as they attract bees.

 Lupins are another perennial favourite and these have burst into bloom in the days that we were away.

I'm still dreaming of my cottage garden, but after several failures with perennials from seed, including hollyhocks, which grew foliage prolifically last year, but failed to reappear this, I am wondering whether I will be able to turn this dream into a reality.

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  1. LOVELY clematis, Marie! And just fun to see what's growing in your garden. Like you, I've had a lot of garden dreams dented over the years--in large part due to climate, but sometimes things just not working out. I'm having to let go of some of my "Country Living" garden dreams... LOL! Happy Summer Days ((LOVE & HUGS))