Sunday 19 May 2013

Grow Op

Garden inspiration comes in the form of Sugar Snaps and Strawberries, one of my favourite gardening books for establishing an edible garden.

Last year was our first attempt at growing our own produce.  We had successes and failures, but it certainly hasn't put us off trying again.  We will be doing some things differently, as we have learnt from experience.

French beans are one of my husband's favourite vegetables, so I've started a few plants in containers to give them a head start.  The danger of frost has not passed yet, so they are currently in the cold frame. 
I'm really excited about the prospect of home-grown rhubarb.  I bought this plant last year, so I had to leave it a year to establish and not pick any fruit.  I was worried that it had not survived the winter, as there was not a sign of it a couple of weeks ago, but look at it now!  After the leaves started to appear, we treated it to some sheep manure and we can almost watch it growing.  I'm dreaming of rhubarb crumble with a hint of orange....


  1. Hi Marie,

    I am always amazed that anything (lawns! Bushes!) grows again after that much snow and those kinds of temperatures! Nature is a pretty amazing thing.

    I found that gardening helped me through some rough times and gave me something that I could focus on and which needed regular love, care and attention. Fingers-crossed it helps with your situation and I do really hope that your difficult patch is over soon.

    Well done with the rhubarb it looks delicious! Just this weekend I had a lovely rhubarb crumble and there is nothing quite like it... My favourite jam is rhubarb and ginger, made by Tiptrees in Essex. Delish.

    Have a lovely relaxing week! (That's an order!)

    Tash from

  2. The first rhubarb crumble of the season always tastes so good! Our tomato and courgette plants are doing well in the greenhouse and there are signs of potatoes in the raised beds - I love to be able to pick fruit and vegetables from the garden and eat them the same day:)

  3. VERY EXCITING to see what's spiraling up green there! We are thinking of reviving our veggie patch, which we left go fallow for 2 summers now due to rainy summers. I hope we'll have even some small harvest this year! Good luck with your patch. :o) Happy Days, Marie ((HUGS))