Monday 3 September 2012

Cape Breton

Yesterday we went for a day out and decided to visit Cape Breton.  It is quite some time since we were there, the last time being early in the spring.  We took the less popular route around the lower part of the western side of the island.

We visited Margaree Harbour and parked adjacent to this amazing seaside garden.  The photograph does not do it justice, but these seedheads attracted my attention ~ they looked like birds' nests.  Dotted amongst the foliage were the last remaining wild roses of the year.

Much of this coastline is rugged outcrops of rocks, but here and there it has been tamed and there are sandy beaches and dunes.

The harbour is well-protected and the fishing boats just seen in this picture ~ the season is over for lobster and crab, so the boats lay idle in the water and some have already been hauled out.

We joined the famous Cabot Trail further north along the shore and this photograph is the view from MacKenzie Mountain looking at the Gulf of the St Lawrence and Pleasant Bay below.


  1. Looks beautiful, Marie - what a lovely day out. I see you have been reading Elly Griffiths and Deborah Crombie - two of my favourites:)

  2. LOVE, love, love those sea views...*swoon*... Thanks for taking us along, Marie! :o) Happy Week ((HUGS))