Sunday 19 August 2012

The Story Behind The Name

Heidi asked me about my choice of name for my new blog.  Candytuft seeds were some of the first that I sowed and also the first flowers to bloom in a little corner of our new garden.  This particular variety is called Fairy Mix and I think that there is something magical about the name.

Another reason was that candytuft also happen to be some of the first seeds that I ever planted as a child when my mother gave me a tiny spot in the garden in which to grow flowers.  That was more years ago than I care to remember, but when I saw these seeds agin, I just knew that I had to have some. 

Next year, I'm going to sow them much closer together so that they make more of an impact.  I want a dusting of fairy magic to greet me every time that I enter my garden.


  1. So sweet is your story, Marie... I've always loved the flower candytuft. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

  2. It's nice to have found a blog with a name that means something really special about where you are at in your life now :) I hope you are able to grow as many posts as you have (and will) candytuft plants!

    Best wishes,

    Tash from