Sunday 9 September 2012

Out And About

We went to Halifax on Friday and had a lovely day out.  We visited the Halifax Public Gardens, which opened in 1867.  The gardens are described as 'An oasis of calm in the heart of Halifax' and this is an apt description.  The gardens were delightful and there was much to see, including a bandstand and ornamental flowerbeds, including a Diamond Jubilee themed bed.

Earlier in the day, we had taken a drive down to Herring Cove, which is in a picturesque setting at the entrance to Halifax Harbour.  Houses and boathouses cluster around the shore and boats are moored along the water.

I had hoped to share the photographs I took throughout the day, but our camera was stolen from my husband's van on Friday night before I had a chance to download them.  I offer you a photograph of  hydrangea flowers from our garden.  They bloom in white initially, then turn this pretty pink.

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  1. So very sorry to hear about your stolen camera! :o( Oh, that is sad... I hope you can get it replaced soon. But glad you had a great day out all the same. LOVELY hydrangeas you have! I just love these flowers, and all their variations. Happy Week, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))