Thursday 7 November 2019

Peggy’s Point Lighthouse

A last-minute plan to visit Halifax turned into an overnight stay, so we took the opportunity to play tourists and visit the iconic Canadian lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove.  It is one of the most photographed locations and is packed with tourists during the summer but, we had it almost to ourselves on this cold and windy November afternoon.

I wasn’t really dressed for this visit, but at least I had my waterproof jacket.  I gave up trying to keep my hair out of my eyes and just enjoyed the breeze!

Standing on this site since 1868, the original wooden lighthouse was built here at the entrance to St Margaret’s Bay and quickly became known as the Peggy’s Point Lighthouse.  The wooden structure was replaced by the current lighthouse in 1915 and is still a working light.  It beams out into the Atlantic Ocean, warning ships of this treacherously rocky coastline.

Walking across the rocks, we faced the full force of the strong winds coming off the sea.

Viewed from a distance, the lighthouse stands on the rocky promontory in the distance.

It wasn’t really a day for standing watching the waves, as it was just too blustery, but we certainly got our fill of fresh air and enjoyed our return visit, as it had been a few years since we last stood on this spot.


  1. It looks a wonderful place, Marie - I can feel the wind and taste the salt air looking at your photos:)

    1. It was wonderful to stand on the rocks and feel the wind, breathe the salty air and admire the view. Marie x