Monday 4 November 2019

In A Pickle

I discovered this lovely book, The Modern Preserver, just in time to preserve some of our home-grown produce, much of which was saved after September’s post-tropical storm.

Kylee Newton turned a hobby of creating preserves to give as gifts to friends into a business, and she shares some of her most popular recipes in her book.

As it was too late to try preserving summer fruit, I decided to give the pickle recipes a try.  I made her pickled cucumber relish, with pickling cucumbers, red onion and red pepper, as well as a selection of spices.  This pickle only keeps for four weeks (in the fridge), so it wasn’t suitable for longer-term storage.  I found it a bit sweet for my taste, but I would consider making it again, but with less sugar.

I also made a spiced zucchini relish with our garden produce, but I don’t have a photograph of this one.  

I used a Mennonite recipe as the basis for dill pickles and these should be ready to eat about now.  I grew the dill in the garden, so it was nice to put it to good use.  

As for our beetroot, we had a very disappointing harvest this year, despite sowing more beetroot seeds than last year.  Our entire harvest only made two and a half jars.  I don’t use a recipe for this, as I prefer my beetroot unadulterated.  I boil them until tender, peel, slice and add them to sterilized jars, then cover with pickling vinegar.  They are absolutely delicious, so I’m saving a jar for Christmas.  


  1. Hi, Marie! Brave you for doing NaBloPoMo again this year--hooray! Daily blogging takes time! I will try to keep up with with you here as I can ;)

    DELICIOUS preserving you've put up! Our veg harvests were dismal this year too. We planted extra beetroot too, given as we had great successes last year... we got nothing due to spring/early summer rains and then burnt out in July. Gardening is a big gamble! :/ ((HUGS))

    1. Thanks, Tracy. I thought it might help get back into blogging if I tried to do daily posts again.

      Yes, the beetroot harvest was a disappointment here, too. Oh well, there is always next year. Marie x