Wednesday 26 September 2018


Well, autumn has arrived and our short growing season is over.  We had a glut of tomatoes from four plants and they were absolutely delicious.  I will miss homegrown tomatoes.  

Mr Candytuft ripped out the last of the peas and beans after we had a couple of frosty mornings.  I pickled the beetroot and we have a few new potatoes.  It still seems odd to be eating new potatoes and fresh peas in September, but that is when they were ready to harvest.

I tried growing zucchini (courgettes) for the first time this year and one plant gave us plenty.  We also grew purple beans (they go green when cooked).  We had quite a good crop from a relatively small plot

Autumn has officially arrived and the harvest moon on Monday night was magnificent.  Sadly, I don’t have a camera with which to do it justice.

Wishing you all a happy autumn!


  1. BEAUTIFUL tomatoes, Marie! We're missing home grown tomatoes already too! So many delicious things you've grown this year... I hope you have as a good a harvest next year! We have potatoes to take up, but that's about it. Our second crop of red beetroot and beans have been slow, as we've had a quite a bit of rain now. After a summer of almost no rain, we now have too much... LOL! Next year I'd like to try butternut squash and kale, both need a bit of space, so we may have to expand! Sadly, we didn't get to see the beautiful Harvest Moon at the top of the week... it was overcast and rainy. :( Happy Autumn Days, my friend... ((HUGS))

    1. They were absolutely delicious. It is a pity that we have such a short season, but we enjoyed them while they lasted. Marie x

  2. It is wonderful to be able to go out into the garden and bring back home grown vegetables for dinner. It sounds as if you have had some great produce even though the season has been short:)