Friday 5 January 2018

Happy New Year

The New Year has arrived and 2018 is underway.  A chocolate log was requested by Mr Candytuft, so I baked this one, though we had probably already had too much dessert over Christmas (I’ve stashed some of this in the freezer for another time).   

The tree has come down and the ornaments put away.  Life isn’t quite back to normal, mainly due to the weather with a major winter storm in the last day and a half.  We’ve been digging out today and it was hard work, as we had heavy, wet snow which felt like shovelling lead weights.  The residue of the storm resulted in winds which were so strong that we could barely stand up outside, due to 100 km/hour gusts.  What with the winds, and the ice underfoot, it made clearing up extremely hazardous.  With the mercury due to plummet tonight, we needed to clear up as much as possible.  

I read today that the Island is almost completely surrounded by ice, which is unusual for this early in the season.  In places it is about 30 cm thick.  It could be a long winter.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2018.


  1. My goodness it does sound cold. Stay safe and warm. Best wishes for 2018:)

  2. Happy New Year, Marie. Hope you can stay warm and cosy indoors until this cold spell passes. B xox

    1. Happy New Year, Bonny. I’m doing my best to keep warm. Marie x