Sunday 15 January 2017

Walk 1,000 Miles - Week Two

Two weeks into the challenge and I've been walking alone for the past three days, as my walking partner sustained a knee injury (surprisingly unrelated to our walking challenge).  It has been a tough week, as I chose to walk in the neighbourhood, only to find that I came back with severe wind-burn due to the cold, and because it is so much harder to walk when bundled up in multiple layers and winter boots.

I returned to the mall yesterday just for some relief from the cold and did a respectable 7 laps, but I was late arriving and so the second half of my walk was spent dodging shoppers.  I walked far too fast and ended up very hot and bothered as I tried to find a path through the congestion.  It is much easier walking earlier before the shoppers arrive, but at least I wasn't cold!

My total for this week is 26.27 miles, making a running total of 52.35 miles.  I'm very happy to break the 50 mile barrier and to see my progress tracker climbing.


  1. Well done, Marie... in spite of not so idea conditions, timing, etc.! Hope your walking partner will be feeling better... and able to go along with you soon. :) ((HUGS))

  2. Well done. That mall walking really is a good idea. x

  3. Thank you Tracy - I hope so too, as it is more fun walking with a companion :-). Marie x

  4. Mrs Tiggywinkle - yes, it is, though I've walked outdoors for the last few days in the milder temperatures. I've got wind-burn to my face, so I think that I will be heading back to the mall this week. Marie x