Sunday 22 January 2017

Walk 1,000 Miles - Week 3

Three weeks in and this has been a challenging week.  With the continued absence of my walking partner (due to aforementioned knee injury), and milder temperatures, I opted to walk outdoors.  Whilst it was nice to get some fresh air, once again; I paid the price in terms of wind-burn.

I've also been feeling the pressure to perform in terms of distance, which is quite ridiculous and takes all the fun out of walking.  Why do I feel the need to push myself to walk that bit further every day?  This started in week one, when instead of just completing the minimum daily distance, my walking partner said 'Let's do another lap' and before we knew where we were, we were walking an extra two laps.  Where does it end?  Reading some online postings, I've found that I'm not alone in suffering from performance-related anxiety!

This week, I've completed  25.41 miles, bringing my running total to 77.76 miles.  It feels good to break the 75 mile barrier, but my plan from now on is to pace myself and not turn this into a competition.

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