Friday 23 September 2016

(Still) In The Frame

Those readers who have followed my blog(s) for a while may recall my coastal cross stitch sampler, which I started in 2008.  In all that time, it has been on the frame and has moved up and down as I worked my way around this large sampler.

With full-time work commitments, there were long periods when I left this piece untouched and then I would pull it out and work a little.  I could spend hours working on it and only complete a tiny portion of the design.

Finding myself with time on my hands this summer and the weather being far too hot for strenuous activity, I decided to set myself a challenge.  I started working on my sampler on a regular basis in early July, with the goal of completing it during the course of the summer. 


  1. Hello Marie,

    It's me Beverly! Your sampler is beautiful. Though I've been away for a while, thoughts of my blogging friends often come to mind. Wishing you beautiful week my friend.


  2. What a lovely surprise to find you had visited Beverly! I was thinking of you only recently and wondering how you were doing. Thank you for visiting. Marie x

  3. Just LOVE this sampler, Marie! Perfect for finishing up as summer closes, and we begin autumn now. Happy Autumn Days, my friend... great to see you back here! :) ((HUGS))