Friday 23 September 2016


'When autumn dulls the summer skies,
And paler sunshine softly lies...'

V.O. Wallingford - The Cottonwood Trees

When I signed off for a blogging break in late June, I had not anticipated being gone this long.  This has been the hottest summer on record and the combination of high temperatures and high humidity have been challenging.  I reached a point where any kind of activity was too much to cope with and I had no desire to sit down and blog.

Even the arrival of autumn with yesterday's equinox still saw the temperature hit 30 C.  I had been wondering when summer would end, but that may have been this morning.  The temperature dropped to 16 C with wind and rain and I was caught out without a coat and inadequately dressed, so I was glad to get home and have a warming mug of soup.

These photographs were taken down at Lake Ontario this morning.  I've noticed a change in the quality of the morning light during the past couple of weeks.  Today was somewhat overcast, but there was a slight hint of sun in the clouds on the horizon.


  1. Welcome back Marie, it sounds as if you have had a long hot summer to cope with, the temperatures here stayed high in the first two weeks of September but have dropped now and it seems quite chilly this morning. Thank you for your kind words about Chloe:)

  2. Thank you Rosie. I had heard about your hot summer. I've awoken this morning to 9 C, so our weather is definitely changing too. I have to admit to a feeling of relief! Marie x