Wednesday 13 January 2016

Cranberry Bakewell

There was quite a story to this baking session.  I made a cranberry bakewell tart for a pre-Christmas lunch with friends.  The first stage of the process was to make a cranberry jam with fruit and sugar.

Once completed, the jam was added to a pastry shell and then covered with a frangipan filling made of ground almonds and butter.

It all seemed quite straightforward until it came to the baking stage.  I made this tart in a loose-bottom tin and the filling leaked in the bottom of the oven.  I walked into the kitchen to find thick black smoke and flames in the base of the oven!  Anyway, all as well after a few stressful minutes and I even managed to salvage it and add the icing.  

It certainly tasted good, with no evidence of the trauma involved in the baking process!


  1. The Bakewell Tart looks and sounds very tasty, Marie. Glad you were able to salvage it and enjoy it with your friends:)

  2. OOOooo... I LOVE Bakewell Tart, and love the idea of cranberries in it! Yours looks lovely, in spite of a few nervy moments with the baking. ;) mmm... Baking & treats sure lift the spirits these winter days, don't they?! ((HUGS))