Sunday 31 January 2016

A Sense of Snow

If you live in a climate where snow is a normal winter event, I think that you develop 'a sense of snow'.  There was a time in my life when I never considered that there are different and varying types of snow, from the light powder to the heavy wet snow which fell on Friday night.

It started as rain and as the temperature fell, large heavy flakes started to fall.  The first ploughing occurred around 8 pm, but it appeared to have little impact on the amount on the ground when we awoke on Saturday morning.

Everything was covered in a heavy wet blanket and we had listened to creaking and groaning during the night as the trees were bending under the weight.

The clear-up was a huge and lengthy job: much harder than shovelling that powdery snow of the last storm.  Little moved aside from the neighbours as we were all too busy digging out to venture far from home.

It looked pristine and white, but was a challenge to clear and it was more than three hours before I managed to get the front and side decks of the house cleared.

It is difficult to give a sense of perspective when everything is a blanket of white.  This is the view from the front of our house.

Another view of the maple tree in our front garden.  The heavy frosting of icy snow is clearly visitble.

Looking down our street after the plough has been through.  Big banks of snow are left at the side of the road.

My car, buried yet again.  I seem to spend my life digging out at the moment.

There is a heavy ridge of snow on our roof, but we are not planning on venturing up there to clear it.  We have seen some of our neighbours on their roof-tops, busy snow clearing, but we have a very steep roof.  We are hoping that the arrival of some milder days during the coming week will do the job for us.  

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