Wednesday 13 May 2015

We're In

Our move did not go according to plan and it was delayed by two days, but we were finally in by Sunday 5th May.  As I went back to work on Monday, I had no time to unpack.  Spending the week walking around boxes and not being able to find anything was frustrating to say the least.

Things are slowly taking shape and the pile of boxes has now gone from the kitchen, although the pile in the dining area (above) remains, complete with treadmill, which proved too big to get down into the basement.  It looks like we may have to dismantle it first.

The kitchen will be nice once everything is in place.  The rest of the house is still in a state of upheaval, but at least we are in.  

We like the neighbourhood and hope to get outdoors and do something with the garden this coming weekend.


  1. I'm glad you have found somewhere you like and I hope you settle in soon. That living out of boxes state is annoying and tiring too isn't it? No doubt soon the home will feel like yours and everything will find a place:)

  2. Welcome home, Marie... and hopefully soon it will feel like home! Moving is such a BIG thing, and so is unpacking. May each week that goes, there's one less box in the house... ;o) ((HUGS))