Tuesday 7 April 2015

On The Move Again

Well, as some of you are aware, we have been looking for a new home for quite a while.  Our search is over and the packing has begun.  We are moving at the end of April, so hoping that the snow will be gone by then (the snow is still a third of the way up the back door!)  If we don't get a thaw soon, we may have to pay someone to dig us out.  


  1. Good luck with the move, Marie! Moving is such a BIG undertaking... my empathies... LOL! And do hope that spring will arrive there soon, and no more snow to hinder your moving day. Be taking good care there... ((HUGS)) P.S. VERY interesting your previous post with the alternative, homemade air freshner!

  2. Hi Marie!

    How's it all going? I must admit I've been thinking about you recently and hoping that the snow has abated but whilst the forecast doesn't look awful, temperature-wise it is still pretty chilly!

    Good luck with the packing and remember to take regular breathers and look after yourself as much as possible! :)