Wednesday 10 December 2014

The Royal Couple

Whilst the Royal Couple have been visiting New York and Washington this week, I've been hosting another royal couple.  On a visit to Halifax last weekend, we bought these holly bushes.  

Blue Prince and Blue Princess arrived in the same container.  As you are probably aware, in order to have holly berries from a female plant, there needs to be a male plant to fertilize it.

As they have been grown indoors, it is too late in the year to plant them outside, so I now have rather large house plants until next spring.

With their glossy green leaves and festive berries, these bushes are a colourful natural addition to our Christmas decorations.  The sight of bright red holly berries is always joyful during the cold, dark days of winter.

I'm told that they do not take well to being transplanted, so I have to decide upon a permanent site in which to plant them, as I will not be able to move them again.  They grow to quite a size, so I'll be choosing carefully.  I've always wanted my own holly bushes, so they are a welcome addition to my garden.

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  1. Oh, these are LOVELY, Marie! I've always loved holly, and have wanted some in the garden for some time. But undecided on location as we don't have much more space for shrubs. :o/ Fun to catch up with you here post-travels. Happy days as you make ready for Christmas! ((HUGS))