Monday 15 December 2014

O Christmas Tree

Our tree arrived a week ago, but I had no time to decorate it until yesterday.  After four days, it had lights on it, however, I discovered that one string wouldn't work, so had to go and get some more.  The new ones are supposed to be white, but look yellow and the original white ones look blue on these photographs ('warm' and 'cool' shades...).  I wasn't sure about the two different shades of 'white', but decided to use them all anyway.

The finishing touch was my star tree topper.  I requested a 6' tree, but this one is considerably taller.  There are only millimetres to spare so it is just as well the bottom was cut off after it arrived!  It is a beautiful tree though.

Anyway, I think that it looks lovely and even with all of the ornaments that I own, there is still a little space left for me to add some fragrant natural decorations.  I have dried orange slices and I'm planning to add some of these, together with some cinnamon sticks for a scented Christmas welcome.
The joy of the Christmas season is upon us!


  1. VERY festive & pretty, Marie...such fun to see all your Christmas preparations! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  2. Wow - the star really does touch the ceiling - what a gorgeous tree:)