Wednesday 15 October 2014

To The Lighthouse

Yesterday afternoon was bright and sunny, so we decided to head out for a drive to the Eastern Shore.  As we approached the coast, the sun disappeared behind the clouds and we saw little of it for the rest of the day until we were almost home again.

We visited a spot that we had been to previously, but not explored due to inadequate footwear for the terrain.  It was cold following the beach path, hence the layers (I'm not actually that size in reality - I was wearing a thick down body warmer under my fleece jacket!) and the sunglasses were mostly to keep the wind out of my eyes.

I was unaware that I was being photographed from behind!

This dull grey water is the Atlantic Ocean. 

The shoreline is hazardous to shipping as there are rocks visible about a mile out to sea and the beaches are littered with boulders.

The lighthouse was a welcome sight as we parked nearby and were glad to return to the car after a very blustery walk.


  1. It's lovely to see bits of NS :) What a rugged coastline! It does look very blustery but also beautiful. Each time I visit the sea, I'm reminded of how vast and untameable it is.

    I'm glad you got out to enjoy it :)
    T xx

  2. What a LOVELY place! And it does look cold....bbbrr... I can imagine it might be unforgiving there at times, with the weather. It has been cold here too, and we've had frost as well. This week it's bucketing down with rain, again... LOL! Happy Days, Marie ((HUGS))