Friday 10 October 2014


I've had an extremely busy week, but I did take a moment to take a photograph of this display of Autumn colour outside a bakery where I had lunch earlier this week. 

The season is well and truly underway and the leaves are magnificent.  I am hopeful that we may get out to enjoy these last days of the colours before the winds and rain arrive to strip the trees bare. 

I love these days of soft light, sunshine and still warm breezes.  It really is a beautiful season.


  1. We have had some wonderful golden days but the rain and wind is starting to come in now and the season is changing. That is a lovely coourful display. Have a happy weekend, Marie:)

  2. Such a pretty display--very festive! Can't not smile over that. :o) Autumn color is happening fast here before I can even "document" it... LOL! This week we've had very stormy weather with wind and deluges of rain... Wooly socks & jumpers weather, for sure! Happy weekend, Marie ((HUGS))

  3. This is one thing that the US and Canada seem to do so much better than us - home decoration! I see on TV all of the lovely autumnal decorating that people do and think how lovely it looks. I was reading Martha Stewart Living the other day and she had a technique of putting patterned tights over pumpkins and spraying them, which left a lovely lacy pattern on them - a more elegant take on the carved pumpkin!

    I hope that you had a lovely weekend and I'll be in touch :)