Friday 12 July 2013

Snow In Summer

Banff, Alberta is located in Canada's first National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  I had wanted to visit Banff for years and the opportunity presented itself when we added a few extra days to our trip at the end of the conference.

There are glimpses of mountain peaks around every corner.  I found the place quite charming, but crowded with tourists from around the world. 

I had a chance to take these photographs by going out for an early morning walk before most of the tourists were about.

The snow-capped Rocky Mountains are seen in the distance of this picture.  The perfect start to a perfect day.

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  1. Hello Marie!

    What a place to visit. It looks truly beautiful. I have always wanted to go on one of those holidays to see the Rockies by train. Banff was always mentioned as one of the stopping places on the way and it sounds just amazing. Those views! I'd never get tired of seeing that if I lived there! Wow.

    I have just looked at a map (my knowledge of where things are in Canada is abysmal!) to see how close Banff is to Montreal (where my friend now lives) only to be told that it is 2500-miles away! Gosh. It really does put things into perspective - Land's End to John O'Groats is only 800 miles!

    I can't wait to see more photos of your travels :)

    Tash from