Saturday 13 July 2013

Garden Ramblings

I cheated a bit with this post, as some of the photographs were from a recent visit to our local nursery and a couple of them were taken last year, so the eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that the flowers outside the shop are different.

Doesn't this little corner look inviting?  I could quite happily sit on this bench, shaded by a large tree, and watch the world go by.
I've been trying to grow Sweet William from seed during the past couple of summers, but without success.  I would have bought some, but the plants did not look that great, though they were blooming well.

I could spend hours here, browsing through the large selection of plants and dreaming of the perfect garden.
There is also a sweet little pond with goldfish.  I love a water feature in a garden.

No purchases on our latest visit, but a wealth of ideas.  I've had a few disappointments in the garden this year, with my David Austin rose 'Graham Thomas' failing to survive the winter and other plants struggling to survive after a particularly wet spring.  The main problem now are the bugs, mostly of the biting variety!


  1. So pretty... and VERY inspiring!! :o) We're been in the garden a lot these day--it's been lovely weather just now. Happy Days, Marie ((HUGS))

  2. What a wonderful garden centre! Ours (as you probably know) tend to be of the hideous breezeblock variety. I love the blue wooden shingles on the building. It is definitely a very pretty cottage-garden style planting scheme.

    I'm sorry to hear about the garden failures; I remember them well! For me it was root vegetables (carrots and beetroot, every time!) as we thankfully don't have the sort of winters that you get over there. Not having a garden where we live now has made me long to find somewhere with a plot of land in which to grow things. I deeply miss that sense of calm and connectedness that I used to feel when I was there.

    Re: the biting insects - have you tried incense? If you want to sit out, try lighting lots of incense sticks (pick something which smells really nice, like Nag Champa) in a large circle around you. It isn't perfect but it helps considerably. Thankfully, unlike last year, we've had very few midges. It has been a blessed relief!

    Take care :)

    Tash from