Sunday 10 February 2013


The blizzard started in the early hours of Saturday morning and still it continues.  Most of the time, the snow is horizontal and comes in waves.  Our attempts at clearing our paths and driveway have been fairly futile. This morning, there was little evidence that we had been outside yesterday afternoon shovelling.

There is more than 90cm of snow on our deck.  Anyone for a barbecue?  It's under there somewhere.

It could be quite some time before we venture out there.

The view from our front window.  There is a road out there, but not much movement other than a few valiant efforts by the neighbours to clear their driveways.  We're still looking at ours and wondering how we will ever get out.  The snow is so deep that our neighbour abandoned his attempts at clearing it with his ATV.

We may be stuck here until the spring, but I suppose that I will have to make some attempts to get out, as I'm working tomorrow.

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  1. Oh no! That is a lot of snow! Though I am not a huge fan of the UK, I do like our generally-wet-but-clement weather! Unfortunately, tonight we are due an inch or so of snow. I'm hoping that it goes elsewhere, though!

    Take care and keep warm!

    Tash over at