Monday 11 February 2013

It Just Kept On Snowing

Scenes from our street yesterday afternoon.  A neighbour out clearing the deep snow with a snow blower.

The snow on our driveway which was sculptured by the strong winds.

Our front garden under a blanket of deep snow.

The door to our basement and the steps onto the back deck.

I'm standng knee deep in the snow on our deck.

Until I fell over tryikng to turn around and couldn't get back up!


  1. Sorry, had to laugh at the last photo, Marie! ;o) Oh, but you got a LOT of snow a the weekend. Be safe, and keep warm! ((HUGS))

  2. My goodness you have had a lot of snow. Good job you didn't hurt yourself falling over in the snow, it can be quite fun sometime like when you are safe at home and don't have to go out anywhere:)