Monday 18 May 2020


It has been a strange few weeks, not least because of the lockdown, but also because spring seems to have kept us waiting.  It isn’t much more than a week since we were having sleet yet again, so the opportunity to get out for some fresh air last week was very welcome.

There are some new additions to the bird house collection down on the boardwalk.

It was a very windy day and the white caps of breakers could be seen a long way offshore.  The wave action stirred up the PEI red mud, making the water look a strange colour.

We saw a few birds, but most of them were too fast for me to get a photo.  This Blue Jay came down for peanuts, which had been left for them.

A red squirrel was perched up there, but wouldn’t come down for nuts, as it already had more than a mouth full.  


  1. Lovely to see the blue jay and the red squirrel. the sea does look a strange colour. Spring seems to have come early to us and late to you this year:)

  2. Yes, there’s lots of wildlife, but most of it moves too fast for a photo opportunity. Marie x