Friday 16 March 2018

Mr Fox

  Here comes Mr Fox, minding his own business. 

He stops in the middle of our garden.  We’ve seen him before, but he has never come this close.   
The neighbours’ dog is out in their garden and is going crazy - barking and tugging on its leash, trying to go after it.

Mr Fox lowers his head then has a look around.  He knows that the dog is no threat.

This is the only time that I’ve managed to get close enough to the window with the camera and now I dare not move in case I startle him.

He looks right at me before sauntering off, back in the direction from which he came.

Mr Fox could be Mrs - I’m don’t know how to tell the difference but, for the record, he is a silver fox.


  1. Gosh, he's spectacular. What great photos. I love the blue tones on the snow ... it all looks s-o-o-o cold. xox

    1. Thanks, Bonny. It is another cold day here. Still waiting for spring to arrive...Marie x

  2. Goodness, how BEAUTIFUL is MR/MRS Fox!! Like Bonny says, the contrast of the blues and then the colors of the fox make these wonderful photos! :) ((HUGS))

    1. (S)he is beautiful. It was lovely to have such a great sighting, but it sort of destroys all thoughts of keeping chickens! Marie x