Wednesday 14 February 2018

Vintage Knitting

Three weeks ago, I posted about unravelling.  In an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, I had decided to frog a garment which I had made a couple of years ago, but never really been happy with.  Once the yarn had been washed and wound back into balls, I was able to get knitting.

This is a vintage pattern which I found online.  It is knitting up really nicely, but I’ve had to make some adjustments to it, as the garment was far too short for me.  Yes, I finished the entire back before I decided this, then had to rip back all the way to the armhole shaping to add more rows. 

As I’ve never attempted to alter a knitting pattern, I’m not sure how it is going to turn out.  I’m hoping that I will have sufficient yarn to finish it, as I’m using a slightly different yarn to the original.  Watch this space!

Wishing you all a very happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Lovely stitch pattern, Marie. And lovely colour of wool. Well done for recycling. It would have been a shame to have lost it. x

    1. I’m happy to be recycling the yarn, but seem to be running short, even though I thought that I had plenty (at least 150g more than the pattern stated). I think that I’ve found someone who has some (this yarn is discontinued), so I’m waiting to hear from them...fingers crossed!