Tuesday 3 October 2017

Off Island

Thursday saw us heading off the island on a trip to Moncton, New Brunswick.  Moncton is 140 Km from here and the drive takes about an hour and three quarters.  The day was overcast and there were no opportunites to take photos on the bridge because we were behind a large truck.  

Back into moose country, though fortunately we didn't see any.

At a truck stop, we spotted some carved sandpipers.  These tiny birds stop in the area each summer before their non-stop flight of 4,300 Km to South America.

By the time we were on our approach to Moncton, the sky had cleared and the sun was shining.  We had an interesting visit and I found a great fabric shop, which I will visit again on a future trip.  I did buy a small piece of fabric, but I will save this for another post.

Our return trip over the Confederation Bridge, with Prince Edward Island ahead.

Another view of the bridge, with the elevated section ahead, which allows ships to pass through the channel.

The final approach onto the island and you can see the change in the weather since the morning. 

Welcome back!  It was late in the day and dusk was fast approaching, but I will save the rest of my photos for another post.

Just realised that this is my 400th post!


  1. HAPPY 400, Marie! Here's to hundreds and hundreds more!! :) VERY fun to see about your "grand day out" (said in BEST Wallace & Gromit voice ;) Looking forward to seeing about your fabric purchase--treats! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

  2. Thank you, Tracy. I think that you already had a preview of the fabric...some more on order though....now where's my stash? Marie x