Monday 31 October 2016


Growing up at a time when Hallowe'en wasn't celebrated, I am still surprised by how big an event it is on this side of 'the pond'.  It is not just children who get dressed up either.  There are plenty of adults who participate too (with or without children).

Some of the neighbours have been decorating their homes and gardens in preparation for the evening's high jinx.  As we are not in an area where we can expect to have any little visitors this year, we will be staying quietly at home.

I thought that I would plan a little Hallowe'en supper for a change ~ on tonight's menu, ribs (what else?), followed by chocolate meringue pie ~ on the dark side and quite delicious!  As you can see, a little taste test involved quite a large slice disappearing (and I'm not the guilty party!)

Happy Hallowe'en!

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