Monday 15 February 2016

In The Garden

We bought a heated bird bath last year and positioned it on the deck, close enough for the cable to reach the house.  It sat there for several weeks, but no birds came to use it.  We were on the verge of unplugging it when our first birds came to call.

A couple of days ago, we had a whole flock of American Robins, five of which were drinking from the bird bath, though the number was reduced to three by the time I found the camera.

They certainly seemed to appreciate the fresh water and we were surprised to see them, as they normally go south for the winter.

This little chap was enjoying the sunflower hearts in our feeder.  We are not sure what he is, as we couldn't get a good view of the markings on his wings and back.  Why is it when you want them to turn around, they choose to sit and admire the view instead?

I've just come indoors from yet another session of snow clearance.  It is so very cold this morning with a temperature of -20 C and a wind chill of -30 C.  Even with a scarf covering my face, my cheeks feel like they got a touch of frostbite....


  1. A heated bird bath... what a great idea! I've never seen them here. How sweet... I miss those American robins. ;) It's been a lot of winter, hasn't it?! Here's to SPRING... one day at a time! ((HUGS))

  2. How pretty the American robins are - so different to those over here. A heated bird bath sounds like such luxury - they must love it now they have finally discovered it:)