Monday 28 December 2015

Christmas Day Walk

Christmas Day was so mild and bright that it was far too good an opportunity to miss going for a walk and what better place to walk than the beach?

It was a beautiful day and we set out with eager anticipation of fresh air, exercise and sunshine.

Our only companion on the beach was this seagull.  

The sand stretched out in both directions.  We did not venture further than this point, as the channel was quite deep and fast moving.

This view along the beach shows how deserted it was on Christmas Day.  We had our walk before our Christmas dinner, as we had guests coming later in the afternoon.

The action of the waves carves and smooths the rocks.

The distant shore in this photograph is Cape Breton Island.

It was a refreshing change to escape for a while and enjoy the beauty of nature and the glorious weather.  It certainly gave us an appetite for Christmas dinner.

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