Wednesday 5 August 2015

Late Developers

Summer has finally arrived, but not before time.  The first hot days started at the beginning of August!  My hanging baskets have been a bit of a disappointment because they were intended to be overflowing with blooms, but the cold spring stunted their growth.  The colours are pretty, but I had thought that the baskets would be completely covered by now.

This photo was taken some weeks ago, but it gives a perspective of where the baskets are located on our front verandah.  Maybe the arrival of the heat and humidity will see some late development.


  1. Such pretty colors of petunia... better late than never though, 'eh?! Your front verandah is lovely!! We've not had much of a summer here, either. It's often been more cool than usual. The summer that never was... LOL! But, you know, we'll soon be "complaining" about the cold & snow again... ;o) ((HUGS))

  2. Your hanging baskets look lovely on the verandah and hopefully they will be in full flower well into September or even longer:)