Thursday 8 January 2015

Gifts From The Kitchen

There was a lot of baking at our house around Christmas and New Year.  This included some new recipes from Handmade Gifts From The Kitchen, which were added to a Christmas hamper.  Chocolate bark with peppermint proved to be popular.  This book is filled with great gift ideas, both for the cook and for those who just enjoy tasty treats.  

Christmas Morning Muffins which are cranberry and clementine, were baked from another favourite book Nigella's Christmas.  

A recipe for Chocolate Ginger Cake came from a magazine.  I didn't get to try it as it was a gift, but I'm told that it was delicious!

Lastly, Cranberry Mince Pies baked with homemade mincemeat, which was another recipe from Nigella's Christmas.  I did get to eat some of these and I personally prefer a more traditional mincemeat, but I received high praise for them and lots of questions regarding their content.

I would definitely make hamper gifts again, but next time, I would try not to do all of the baking in one day, as it was quite time-consuming and exhausting.  The effort was worthwhile as handmade gifts are much appreciated.

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  1. Fun to see what you've been making/baking--such LUSH gifts, Marie... SUPER-YUM! I've been wanting to try Nigella's Cranberry Mince Pies... Ran out of time & energy this time. Next Christmas. ;o) Perhaps an idea could be to do your gift baking over a couple of weekends, maybe even making things that could freeze easily. Everyone loves a gift from the kitchen, I think. Happy Days ((HUGS))