Monday 21 July 2014

Seeing Starfish

When I dug my cross stitch out of the back of the closet last week, I picked up my needle and thread and tried to work out just where I was from the somewhat complicated charts.  Little did I realise just how long it had been since I actually added a stitch to this design.  I've spent the past few days adding the starfish seen towards the top right.

Mostly due to curiosity, I sat down and trawled through my old blog to find out when I last worked on it and I was shocked to discover that I hadn't touched it in over three and a half years!  The last time I worked on it, I posted here.  Yes, the date was in November 2010....prior to this, I had added to the design in the previous July.  At this rate, I will be lucky to have it completed before the end of the decade!

I suppose it just goes to show that the last three years have been extremely busy and stressful and that the last thing on my mind was sitting down to do some sewing.  I'm extremely thankful to have some time to relax without feeling guilty.


  1. Oh, you know... I remember this one! ;o) This is such a pretty design. And it will be beautiful when finished. Just take your time and enjoy... ((HUGS))

  2. Hi Marie,

    Your cross-stitch is lovely and very intricate! I would love the patience to get one done ;) I'm glad you're getting the chance to be able to sit down and do something you enjoy.

    Best wishes
    Tash from

  3. It is wonderful to have some time to enjoy such pursuits. It is such a very long time since I have been able to find a moment to enjoy doing anything like this.

    Thank you to Tracy for your kind comments about this. I know that you followed its progress with interest.

    A warm thank you to Tash too for your kindness and support during recent weeks.

    Marie x