Saturday 7 June 2014

In The Garden

It has been a busy day in the garden.  I wish that I could claim that this beautiful blossom was on our trees, but I spotted it at the garden centre.  That is the thing about planting.  No sooner did I get started when I realised that I needed to go out and buy some seeds, as well as stock up on some herbs, as mine did not survive the winter.  Not too many herbs are hardy enough to return in spring after the kind of weather we get.

Anyway, it was a pleasant diversion for about an hour.  I didn't spend too long browsing, as there was a lot to do at home. 

It is a shame that I couldn't just sit down in that inviting chair and spend a quiet time with a good book....back to work at home, where we planted our vegetable garden and I potted up the herbs together with some that I've grown from seed.  It has been such a cold day that I'm wondering if they will survive tonight ~ it feels more like late autumn than late spring/early summer.  I was glad to go indoors and thaw out in a nice hot bath!


  1. You have been working hard in your garden, Marie - I do hope that your weather warms up a little soon and that your herbs and other plants will survive. It's always nice to take a break out of the gardening and explore the local garden centres for ideas and lovely photos too:)

  2. Hi Marie,

    What a pretty garden centre - and such lovely blossom! I can't imagine having to re-plant all of my herbs and herbaceous perennials each year because of the cold. On the upside, at least you get to play around with things a little more and have a change from year to year. My fingers will be firmly crossed for you getting lots of lovely warm weather for the new growing season!

    Best wishes,
    Tash from