Saturday 24 May 2014


I love browsing through book stalls and I was doing so recently when I discovered these two gems.  With a background in aromatherapy, I am very interested in herbs and their uses and The Herbalist is a fascinating read.  I can dip into it at any time and read about many plants that I've heard of and some which are new to me.  The first edition dates from 1918, but my copy was published in 1973.  The author was the late Joseph Meyer.  I think that this book is now out of print, but you may be able to find a copy if you search hard enough (try abebooks).

Eyewitness Handbook of Herbs is illustrated in colour, so it is a more attractive read.  It was published in 1994, but the copy I've found is in excellent condition.  This book is a guide to herb species from around the world.  Some plants which I had never even considered to be herbs can be found within its pages.
The best part of my finds was the price: at 25 cents per book, I could not afford to turn down the opportunity to add these to my collection.

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  1. i love browsing herb books too. your garden is looking great by the way, much love Ginny x