Wednesday 2 April 2014

Yorkshire Rose


One of my knitting projects during the winter was this beautiful Yorkshire Rose.  As soon as I saw the pattern (which I found on Ravelry), I knew that I had to knit it.

The gorgeous yarn is from baa ram ewe (I love that name!) and the colours have Yorkshire names.  There is a real link between these yarns and home, which makes them very special.  Not only that, but this yarn shop has a Harrogate location, which I long to visit. 

I'm now on their mailing list for emails and I've seen two adverts for a knitter to work for them ~ how I would love a job working in a yarn shop!  Now, there's an idea.......


  1. All those lovely yarns must make you think of Yorkshire. I love the white rose you made:)

  2. LOVELY rose, Marie! I'm very lucky to have one of these. ;o) Such fun to learn of this "yarn from home"... Ooo... and fun to think about working in a yarn shop--YES!! Happy Dreaming...((HUGS))

  3. I love this rose and am very tempted to make one myself!