Wednesday 7 August 2013

Icefields Parkway

Our last trip during our visit to Alberta was along the Icefields' Parkway.  As the entire trip is about 232 km/144 miles, we did a section at the southern end of it.

Visiting yet another glacial lake, the name of which escapes me now.  The mirror-perfect image was stunning.

Not a ripple disturbed the surface of the water and it looked just like glass.

Along the road, we saw ancient glaciers and sweeping valleys, surrounded by rocky peaks. 

We had considered going up to one of the glaciers but time constraints, plus fatigue got the better of us, so we admired them from a distance.  Also, it is unsafe to venture onto a glacier except with a suitably qualified guide.

Anyway, it is always a good excuse to make a return visit....

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  1. WOW... just dazzling views! And great name-- Icefields, very appropriate with all the frosty covering. Hope you may get back to walk around more. The place reminds me of a mountain range we visited many years ago here in Norway, mid-section of the country.:o) Happy Days, Marie ((HUGS))