Saturday 6 April 2013


One of the craft projects that I've been working on in recent weeks is a seashell sampler.  This was a gift from my friend Tracy at Prana Light and I've had it for quite some time.  I find that I have to be in the mood to tackle such a piece and the opportunity arose when I was recovering from that nasty virus in early March.

At this time of the year, good light has been somewhat lacking, so it has been a challenge, as many of the threads are in very similar pastel shades, plus different areas are working in either one, two or three strands, creating the light and shadow.

Once completed, I'm hoping to get it framed and hang it in our new bathroom, wherever that might be.  Oh, did I mention that we are thinking of moving again?


  1. Hi Marie!

    I hadn't heard about pricking the stems, I just cut them - as I do all flowers - as soon as I get them in the house and put them straight away in some water with a tiny bit of bleach or somesuch anti-bacterial concotion (you can get larger bottles of the stuff they put in those pouches that come with bouquets). That stuff stops the water from going off so quickly, thus lengthening the life of the flowers. I also remove any leaves that would be in the water. Having said that, I think there's something to be said for the varieties of tulips and how well they keep. I bought some in M&S a few weeks ago and as nice as they were, they were limp almost from the very beginning despite me doing exactly the same. They were British and didn't look quite as strong as these (which I presume are Dutch). These are much sturdier of stem and haven't wilted at all. I say, go for a deeper vase, take the lower leaves off, use something to prolong their lives and cut the bottoms off (and make sure they're sturdy) and with any luck, you'll be okay!

    Love the sampler! I am sadly lacking the patience for the smaller cross-stitch patterns, though I adored them as a child and think that they look really very pretty.

    Ooooh! Another move! Same area, different house or somewhere altogether new and unexplored?! With all the snow and cold weather that Canada has, have you thought about somewhere nicer... like Florida? Perhaps I've just watched too much Dexter (haha)!

    Hope you're having a nice weekend too.

    Tash over at

  2. Thanks for the tips on tulip success Tash. Maybe I will risk buying another bunch next time I see them. I also noticed that they continue to grow once cut, so maybe that contribues to the fact that they tend to droop a bit.

    We are thinking of buying a house, but our plans are still up in the air, so no decisions as yet. No such luck as to be in a position to move somewhere warmer....I would settle for a return to the UK given the right circumstances!

    Marie x

  3. Your cross stitch is looking sooo pretty, Marie! I'm glad you're enjoying that kit. And I can definitely see it framed and hung in a bathroom, in a home by the sea. Moving again... somehow I'm not surprised. ;o) Keep us posted on the new! Happy Weekend ((LOVE & HUGS))