Saturday 26 January 2013

This And That

It is almost the end of January and I don't know where the time has gone, but I must admit to being quietly pleased to see the end of this month.  We have had some of the coldest days of winter so far, with the mercury dropping to the minus 20 range and a wind chill of minus 30 for the past few days.  On days like this, I have no desire to head out of the door in the morning and my car sounds like it isn't going to make it as we head down the road.  I can't say that I blame it: I wouldn't want to go either if I spent all night out in the cold!

On the occasions when I have ventured outdoors for reasons other than going to work, I've been bundled up like I'm going to the Arctic.  I've tried to avoid spending more than a few minutes outside. 

Cabin Fever can start to set in after a while and I long for the milder days of spring, so that I can get outside and breathe fresh air again.

At least the issues with Blogger seem to have resolved for now.  One of the reasons that I haven't posted for a while was my frustration with attempts to post photographs.  I will be trying to post more frequently and hopefully catching up with you all soon.


  1. VERY sweet photo, Marie! It's been arctic conditions here too. And I've not been venturing out any more than necessary either, preferring to stay in where it's warm! Like you, I'm amazing we are now almost turning the calendar page to another month already... Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  2. Hello Marie!

    Sorry I've kind of been a bit absent from the internet - January has been a bit of a horrible month and I am so glad that it's over!

    I have been complaining about our -9ÂșC weather but really that is nothing compared to yours! I can imagine Canada manages its weather a lot better than the UK tho - most schools were closed, roads impassable and people freezing to death on their doorsteps. We should really take some lessons from those who actually have snow problems!

    I can definitely sympathise with your cabin fever; I think this month has been so energy-sapping, so that though there are things that I need to do, I have no energy whatsoever to do them with. Fingers crossed, February will be a bit better for us both :)

    I hope things are going better on the work front, too.

    Look after yourself - and keep warm!

  3. I thought we'd had it bad here in the UK with all the snow but minus 20 sounds horrible. I had a whole week in the house which with a toddler and baby definitely gave me cabin fever. Longing for the spring and warm days. Fiona x