Monday 18 March 2019

Vintage Apon

I can’t quite believe it, but I’ve finally finished my vintage apron project.  I started it last summer, but didn’t get much further than cutting out the fabric.  I’ve been working away at it at intervals for about the past month.  

I enjoy sewing and I love my Janome sewing machine, which I purchased about eighteeUIKeyInputDownArrown months ago. I upgraded from an older Pfaff sewing machine and it makes such a difference to use a more modern machine .  Even though I have a space to use for sewing, it also doubles as my desk, so I have to feel motivated to get the machine set up, if I am to do any sewing.

The Michael Miller Paris street scene fabric is so eye-catching and the tiny check of the pink and white  gingham is a pretty contrast.  A vintage feel is given by the addition of blue ric-rac.

I hope to tackle a few more sewing projects in the coming weeks.  I bought fabric for a sewing machine cover - now where did I put that fabric...?


  1. It is sooo pretty and sooo fun, Marie! LOVE your pairings of fabrics and trims. Well done! Looking forward to seeing your sewing machine cover project. :) Happy Sewing ((HUGS))

    1. Hi Tracy, I would have liked a better photo, but the light wasn’t great. I’m very happy with how it turned out, though it took a long time to finish it! Haven’t started the sewing machine cover project yet. Marie x

  2. I love the Parisien scenes on your apron.It will be lovely to wear when you are baking:)