Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Secret Santa

We had our departmental Christmas party recently and as part of the festivities, there was a Secret Santa.  I didn't know the person whose name I was given very well, so I played safe and bought her a pretty Christmas bauble for her tree.  Whoever got my name had certainly been paying attention and knew that I was taking cake decorting classes....just look at what Santa delivered!


  1. Soooo NICE! What a pretty, fun, generous, and very useful bunch of cake-making supplies... We look forward to seeing what you bake with those! ;o) Happy Day, Marie ((HUGS))

  2. OOhhhhh how lovely!!!!!

    Well we havne't actually moved yet, we are meant to be tomorrow!!! But we are exchanging & moving on the same day! *eeeek*
    It's going to be a very busy festive period as the house needs fully renovating but we won't be able to start the jobs until the new year, so we will just have to make it clean & tidy the best we can but we love our new home & it is just down the street from my sister & around the corner from my dad & that is the main thing.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas & Best Wishes for the New Year.