Saturday 19 August 2017

Our Morning Walk

We set out on Thursday morning to explore somewhere new and decided to walk the boardwalk.  We parked close to the beach and headed west towards the lighthouse.

We saw an inviting path to the lighthouse, but chose to continue on our route.

At this time of year, there are many beautiful wild flowers blooming.

I saw cow parsley amongst other varieties (I definitely need a wild flower guide).

In the distance, a light buoy to mark the harbour entrance.

Wetland habitat along the shore.

We passed the lighthouse and continued our walk.

We reached the shelter of the trees, which gave us protection from the blustery wind.

The boardwalk continues to wind its way and all that we hear are the sounds of nature.

It is a lovely walk because we can see the shore for almost the entire route.

Seaside goldenrod in bloom (I have yet to identify the purple flowers).

Wetland habitat, where we saw many birds.

And on towards the end of the trail.

The path ends in a rugged spot where we can stand and listen to the waves.

Looking across, we can see the Confederation Bridge in the distance.  It is hard to believe that we have been islanders for almost three weeks.

The view back towards town.

The rocky sandstone shoreline, for which PEI is famous.

The perfect end to a pretty boardwalk and a walk which is set to become a firm favourite.  We enjoyed it so much that we returned yesterday and retraced our steps.


  1. Three weeks already! That's gone very quickly. What a beautiful place to walk, it must soothe your soul, no wonder you went back again. x

  2. Mrs Tiggywinkle - it has been a busy three weeks, but this walk is fast becoming a favourite. We've walked it four days running now and each time it is different - very blustery and overcast today. It definitely soothes the soul. Marie x

  3. What a very beautiful walk! And I like the idea of the board walk...softer on the foot than asphalt, more interesting, and with such views... I can see how this has become your favorite walk so far, Marie! Please take us back through the season to see the changes... Happy Days ((HUGS))

  4. Tracy - the boardwalk is nice to walk on and much softer on the feet. The views are spectacular too - definitely our favourite walk. Marie x

  5. Your walk is so beautiful. What a lovely area you have moved to, it must be so exciting to find all these places close to your new home:)

  6. How lucky to have such a fabulous walk close to home. It looks beautiful, and I'm sure you'll get great enjoyment walking it in all weathers. The scenery is lovely, and with all that wild flora you'll have something new to see all seasons of the year. Enjoy! xox

  7. Rosie - it is a pleasure to venture out for a walk when we have such beautiful scenery to admire. We are close to nature and I look forward to seeing it evolve as we move into autumn. Marie x

  8. Bonny - we are already seeing hints of autumn to come. The weather has been cooler during the last few days and there is that softness to the light of late summer/early autumn. Marie x